Project #9: Worked Example Screencast

Here’s my worked example. This screencast was developed for instructors I am working with who are currently enrolled in my college’s Online Instructor Certification Course or OLIC. These instructors are creating padlets but the current videos and step-by-step tutorials on blogs and videos went too fast for them. I decided to make a worked example […]

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Worked Examples

I have used static slides using Google drive before. So creating the slides was not difficult, what I found difficult was finding images that would work with the content. I usually use Pixabay. Today for the slides I used Pixabay, Pinterest, Wikimedia, Google Images and Flickr. The examples of worked examples were not found easily. […]

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Static Multimedia

For this assignment, I decided to create a login tutorial which I will be sending out to one of our college librarians on Monday. Our college system has WebEx available for use by all faculty and staff but has not created any tutorials or guides for it. WebEx is an online meeting application that allows […]

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